Sydney Northwest Chinese School

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Happy Chinese New Year!  Gong Xi Fa Cai! 

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About Us :

Sydney Northwest Chinese School (SNWCS) is a  non-profit, non-political and non-religious community language school located at the Vinegar Hills Community Centre, Rouse Hill. Established in 2015, we have now evolved and matured into a formal Chinese language school from a humble tutoring establishment. Our main goal is to teach, promote, and ultimately celebrate, the Chinese language.

SNWCS is proud to be uniquely equipped to teach both Simplified and Traditional Chinese, as well as the relevant Hanyu Pinyin (romanised Chinese) and Zhuyin phonetics systems. With our non-religious and non-political environment, as well as multi-level classes, we are able to cater to the needs of different students.

Sydney Northwest Chinese school is:

  • A non-political and non-religious Chinese learning school. Our goal is to teach the Chinese language and promote Chinese as second language for all ages, with focus on children two to twelve years old.
  • Offers after-school Chinese program, school holiday program and extensive Saturday classes.
  • The only Chinese school in Sydney that teaches both simplified and traditional Chinese.
  • Conveniently situated in the heart of Rouse Hill Town centre. We wish to create a supportive and friendly learning community for students of all levels. Our students are encouraged to explore the beauty of the Chinese language in a fun and dynamic environment.


There are many reasons why Sydney Northwest Chinese School is a fast growing learning community offering distinctive learning experience to its students and families.


  • We believe learning should be fun and personalised. We adopt the local learning style with smaller classes and an interactive approach to Chinese learning.
  • We believe our students and parents should have a choice to learn in either  simplified and/or traditional Chinese. We believe there is no one system that fits all.
  • We feel passionate about helping students with Chinese cultural backgrounds in maintaining their mother tongue and/or heritage language. We firmly believe that one’s heritage language plays an essential role in identifying, understanding and stabilising one’s culture-social identity, which will hopefully lead to a better developed, holistic individual.
  • We are interested in creating opportunities for local students who wish to learn Chinese as a second language in a relaxed and comfortable environment. We organise biligual seminars and many cultural events regularly throughout the year.

1. Have different professional education background such as science, community languages, literature, arts, technology and TCSOL.
2. Have the qualification of teaching
3. Have the health & safety certificate.
4. Have valid working with children check.
5. We also have parent volunteers to provide mental and health counseling for children.