Term & Conditions

SNWCS a Terms and Conditions:

  • Enrolments must be sent back students application form & enrolment forms with signature. Due to limited positions for each group, positions can only be secured according to the enrolment forms received before the start of class.
  • Due to students insurance issue it is absolutely necessary for all existing students to re-enrol, and it secures your place in the class.
  • We will contact you with any concerns on your enrolment form. Otherwise, a confirmation letter will be sent to you after we receive your enrolment form.Classes Management:
  • Be on time to class, respect and listen to your teacher, and finish your homework on time.
  • Leaving school between the class times is prohibited to all students.
  • Love and respect your classmates and pay attention to personal safety in school.
  • Without teacher’s permission, all facilities and materials including computers, books and posters are notallowed to use; tables and chairs need to be restored after used every time.
  • Keep the classroom and toilet tidy and clean, throw the garbage into bin.
  • Notice the teacher before class if the student will be absent, and parents must to pick up their children in 10minutes after the class finished.
  • The valuable objects and dangerous objects are not allowed to bring to class.
  • The school has the authority to cancel students’ qualification to come to class if they keep disobeyingclassroom order and bothering others.Invoice and Payment:
  • All invoices will be sent to you by email in due course. Please inform us if you prefer a hardcopy invoice. Your first invoice will be emailed to you with the confirmation letter of enrolment.
  • Invoices will be emailed to parents during the end of the course. If you do not receive an invoice, please contact us as soon as possible.
  • Complete payments must be paid before the classes start in the following payment methods:

1. 2.

Cheque payments can be made to the ‘Sydney Northwest Chinese School’ in an envelope together with the ‘student full name & date of birth’.
Direct Transfer/EFT payments are to be made to

ü BSB: 032 111
ü Account Number: 251589
ü Account Name: Sydney Northwest Chinese School ü Place the student’s full name and then date of birth.

(E.g. Smith Citizen 15052010).

3. Cash Payments must be placed within an envelope with student’s full name & date of birth. (E.g. Smith Citizen 15052010).

Make-Up Class and Cancelations

  • We do not provide make-up classes.
  • If your child does not wish to continue a class, please inform us by email before the beginning of the term.
  • No refunds for mid-term cancellations.
  • In the event of a class being cancelled due to a teacher’s illness, emergencies or venue problems, we willarrange the credit of refund.
  • No refund or credit given for missed classes.

Waiting Lists

  • Due to the limited placing in classes, we may put you onto a waiting list if the class is already full.
  • Current students and siblings are given priority on the waiting list.Supervision
  • One adult will accompany each enrolled child in our River Dolphin Family Group.
  • Our teacher can only supervise children within the classroom. It is respectfully requested that all parents andsiblings remain outside the classroom whilst class is in session.Photography
  • School gives permission for staff or those authorized by the principal to photograph students for promotional, internal purposes and/or website publicity only.
  • In classes, no photos or videos by people other than staff are allowed due to copyright issues.
  • We make photography permission is compulsory on our enrolment. If you specifically don’t want your child’s photo to be used for the very limited internal uses outlined, please discuss this with the principal beforeenrolment.Privacy
  • ‘Sydney Northwest Chinese School’ is committed to respecting the privacy of students in accordance with the National Privacy Act. Personal information will only be used for internal purposes only.Allergy and Health
  • It is not permitted to share any food in the classes.
  • Parents/caregivers need to inform our school that your child/children has/have any health conditions.